"Current" Classical

One of John Zech’s comments in today’s earlier post raises another interesting question. John, you suggest that the “exotic instruments and textures” in The Constant Gardener soundtrack would not fit so well in a classical radio format. And you wonder if New Music (I assume by that you mean new “classical” music) belongs on a different radio station. So what does fit in a classical format? Western European art music that has a Romantic or Pre-Romantic sound? From a radio programming standpoint, that would make sense. If Kool 108 can limit its playlist to “Super 60s and 70s,” why shouldn’t Classical Minnesota Public Radio stop the clock (stylistically) at 1900? Lots of people would be happy with that approach. But if you do that, how do you connect what we play to what’s going on today in “classical” music? I know you were writing about movie music, John, and I’m not saying I disagree with you about Alberto Iglesias. But I’d also be interested to know where you think Alberto Ginastera belongs.

Postscript: Along these same lines, I just noticed this opinion piece in London’s Daily Telegraph.