Down to Earth Genius

A nice profile of soprano (and MacArthur “Genius” Award recipient) Dawn Upshaw was in the English newspaper The Guardian on Sunday, talking about her involvement in the creation of new music:

Her grateful colleagues often call her a muse, though this pedestalled status makes her giggle. ‘No, it’s not, “Come, let me inspire you,”‘ she said, with a parody of a dizzy diva’s self-importance. ‘It’s more like, “Hey, I really connect with your music and if you like the way I sing it, then let’s do business!”‘

See the whole piece here.

I was disappointed that in this discussion of Upshaw as a co-creator, they never mentioned her status as Artistic Partner with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra….

She’ll be doing two sets of concerts with them in April–see our Events Calendar for more info.