Weekly Classical Digest

Rest in peace, Giuseppe di Stefano

Changes in store for classical music listeners of the CBC

The San Francisco opera is joining the operas-in-movie-theaters trend, starting this very weekend.

Announcements for various 2008-09 seasons have been coming out. The Metropolitan Opera will be noting its 125th anniversary. Lots of special events, although their very first performance was on Oct. 22, 1883; unless I missed something, no performance is scheduled for the actual anniversary date – could plans be in the works?

What music director of a leading American orchestra, in the course of his next season, will be conducting Beethoven, Sibelius, Ligeti, and Gilbert and Sullivan? Answer here.

Arts as a Campaign Issue

An article in today’s Los Angeles Times explains why the arts have become a bigger-than-usual issue in this year’s presidential campaigns.

An organization called Americans for the Arts has launched an initiative called ArtVote2008 that puts some pressure on candidates of both parties to talk about funding for the arts. (See their 10-point arts policy brief here.)

With everything else going on in the world, does a candidate’s position on the arts affect how you vote?

St. Cloud State: Certain of the Dawn

A delegation of students and faculty from St. Cloud State, St. John’s University, and the College of St. Benedict will perform a Holocaust oratorio at a Nazi concentration camp this summer. The trip comes as the campus deals with a series of incidents in which swastikas have appeared at St. Cloud State University. They’ll be performing a new oratorio “To Be Certain of the Dawn” by Stephen Paulus, which was recently performed and recorded by the MNOrch.

Here’s a detailed report from the St. Cloud Times.

And here’s Karl Gehrke’s MPR interview and slideshow about “To Be Certain of the Dawn.”