Getting Off the Hamster Wheel

Shoulder injuries have sidelined 33-year-old violinist Maxim Vengerov in recent years. He took some time off, the injury healed, and now he’s “basically fine,” he says–but he’s not going to play the violin again for a while anyway:

“The violin is my mother tongue. I will always come back to it, but have no plans to get back on the treadmill. There comes a time when you need to stop flying all over the world.”

Reminds me of finding out that a friend of mine from high school now has the acting career of my dreams. I was a little envious at first, but then when I looked at her schedule–3 months in Philadelphia, 3 months in DC, 3 months in NYC, 3 months in Baltimore–I got over it pretty quick.

Anyway, Vengerov won’t just be lying on the beach somewhere–he’s got some conducting gigs lined up, and he has his own music school in Israel.