On the Air This Week

Highlights from March 27 to April 3

Wednesday, noon: Music with Minnesotans: The Mayo Clinic’s John Osborn

Thursday, 3 pm hour: Regional Spotlight: The ensemble La Morra, recorded in St. Cloud

Friday, 8 pm: Minnesota Orchestra: Beethoven, Kernis, and Sibelius, with pianist Yevgeny Sudbin

Saturday, 11 am: The April Fools

Saturday, noon: Metropolitan Opera: Donizetti’s “Elisir d’Amore”

Sunday, 6 am: Pipedreams: Out of the Depths

Sunday, noon: From the Top, including the young Minnesotans of the Malik Quartet

Sunday, 1 pm: SymphonyCast: From the Lucerne Festival, Liszt’s “Gran” Mass

Sunday, 7 pm: Reflections for Holy Week: Choral Music with Dale Warland

Monday, 8 pm: Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, including Dawn Upshaw in Donnacha Dennehy’s “If He Died, What Then”

Hoopes and Staruch in Willmar

Chad Hoopes and Steve Staruch started this week’s residency in Willmar. Here’s more from Steve:

The second week of the artist-in residence tour got off to a fine start in Willmar yesterday. Chad performed for two classes of young orchestral musicians (3-5th grades) who were not only wowed by Chad’s virtuosity but also volunteered to tell him what their own passions were: one girl likes to dance, another loves riding horses, one boy loves playing football. I think they appreciated the message that each has a talent to developed and share. The middle school students who came to listen in the afternoon were in a completely different place in their lives. A lot more shy about asking questions, this group was also won over by Chad’s warmth and commitment to his art. As always, I expect that Chad’s short residency in these schools will have a ripple affect, creating a heightened sense of pride in and helping to develope the skills of these young orchestral musicians. If nothing else I think all learned that classical music can be….”cool” !

Roll Credits: 03/26/2012

[apmaudio id=minnesota/classical/programs/2012/03/26/roll_credits_20120326_128]Featured Audio[/apmaudio]

Mikos Rozsa: Sinbad Battles and Finale from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

City or Prague Phil/Kenneth Alwyn

Silva 1056

Nino Rota: The Godfather Finale

Studio Orchestra

MCA 10231 3:50

Bernstein: Finale and End Credits West Side Story

Sony 89226

Original Soundtrack re-release

Maurice Jarre: Is Paris Burning?

BBC Concert Orchestra/Jarre

RCA 35793

Rodgers and Hammerstein: Finale to Oklahoma


Angel 27350

Rodgers and Hammerstein: So Long, Farewell and Climb Every Mountain

Sound of Music Soundtrack

RCA PCD1-2005

Henry Mancini: Pink Panther Theme

Boston Pops/Williams

Philips 47362

Irving Berlin: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Boston Pops/Williams

Philips 438070

Richard Rodgers: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Irving Berlin: Easter Parade Finale

Judy Garland and Fred Astaire

CBS 45392

Meredith Willson:

Goodnight my Someone and 76 Trombones from The Music Man

Shirley Jones and Robert Preston

Warner Brothers 27158

Barry: Goldfinger End Credits

Osmo Vanska: One man's meat…

Minnesota Orchestra conductor Osmo Vanska is famous for his intense attention to detail. Recent opinion seems divided on the relative merits of that approach. Is God in the details, or is it fussy micro-management? Critics take both sides lately:

Mark Swed in the LA Times on Osmo’s first gig with the LA Phil: :

“I would be surprised if Vänskä were to be invited back any time soon.

That is not to say that Vänskä is unimpressive or that he failed to win over the majority of his audience. … He exposed inner details and emphasized dramatically sudden shifts of dynamics. He expressed extreme contrasts between vulgarity and delicacy. He insisted that his every idiosyncratic fancy be followed… The L.A. Phil prides itself on its flexibility, but musical bondage is another matter, and the players sounded constrained having to tie themselves in Vänskä knots.”

The Herald of Scotland on Osmo’s new Sibelius Symphony CD with the MInnesota Orchestra:

“Oh my goodness, was this worth waiting for. If there is such a phenomenon as an instant classic, then it is the first volume of Osmo Vanska’s new Sibelius cycle …

What is gripping and magical in these performances is the combination of forensic detail with epic sweep that Vanska brings to the music.

The Minnesota playing is out of this world, and Vanska, with a fantastic suppleness in his pacing, has secured a clarity of playing from his American strings that is mind-boggling. There is revelation upon revelation here; it is scorchingly honest and straight to the heart.”

Steve and Chad at Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig

This week Steve Staruch and Chad Hoopes are exploring schools in Minnesota, playing and chatting along the way young people across the state. Here are more of Steve’s thoughts, from the road:

The “What’s your passion?” tour with Classical MPR’s artist-in residence, Chad Hoopes, continued today at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig native American school. Our welcome began with a performance from the school’s drum group. There’s something elemental/spiritual about the sound and the ceremony surrounding this traditional greeting. I felt it and I believe that Chad felt it too. His performances were deeper and more colorful. One of the teachers spoke to me after the performance. “Our kids are going to talk about this for a long time!”

Also a part of the morning was a demonstration by the school’s native dance ensemble. Several students explained to Chad the significance of the dance as it was performed. All of us were fascinated and moved by the energy and the skill of the dancers. As always, students were happy to have photos taken with Chad, and his warmth and virtuosity did more than breakdown barriers, it created bridges.