New Classical Tracks – American Flute Quintets Bonus Content

Carol Wincenc - American Flute Quintets (Bridge 9373)

Not all of the content from an episode of New Classical Tracks makes the audio cut. Here is further information and interviews relating to the new disc, American Flute Quintets by Carol Wincenc

Flutist Carol Wincenc has been teaching for more than 40 years and she says she has a lot of fun doing it. She also has a lot of fun exploring different ways of teaching her students about flute technique. And she says you can learn a lot about flute technique simply by learning more about… the violin:

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Below, watch Wincenc literally waltz her point across to one of her students during a recent masterclass:

Flutist Carol Wincenc was great friends with a true legend in the flute world: Jean-Pierre Rampal. She had just begun working with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra when she met Rampal for the first time — an experience she says she will never forget.

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Below, the great Jean-Pierre Rampal, in concert with the great… Miss Piggy: