Involved in the Music

I stumbled across two articles this morning that piqued my interest. One talks about the music in Chipotle restaurants. The other is about an indie singer/songwriter from England named Imogen Heap, who rocketed to fame after folks heard her song “Hide and Seek“. Imogen is doing an admittedly simple crowd-sourced project on her upcoming album.

You can read about Chipotle’s incredibly intricate playlist selection here.

As far as Imogen goes, she’s inspired plenty of musicians to cover the aforementioned song, like this kid and this totally adorable German group called Invivas. On her upcoming album, she plans to incorporate voices of anyone who’s willing to contribute via Soundcloud.

Granted, she’s not asking them to sing (like Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, for instance), but I still appreciate the gesture. She wants her fans to help her create music. You can read that article here.