When Practice Tracks Become Art

Do you remember back in the day when you sang in honor choirs and had to use practice tracks? I do and I hated using those damn things. The practice tracks always seemed to have countless intonation problems, wrong pitches & rhythms, AND bad singers. After high school, I vowed to never use rehearsal tracks again. I will be first to admit when I am wrong, so here it is. I WAS WRONG! Choral Tracks LLC has blown my mind with their artistic delivery and extraordinary interpretations.

Check out these testimonials from two choral music legends

“Matthew Curtis has offered a remarkable gift to the Virtual Choir 3…This is a terrific way to help you practice your part!”

-Eric Whitacre

“Matt Curtis’ vocal abilities, range, and knowledge of choral literature is simply extraordinary! Choral Tracks is a wonderful resource for singers of all abilities!”

-Dale Warland


It is clear that Matthew Curtis and his new associate Gabriel Lewis-O’Connor have changed the game when it comes to delivering top notch choral resources to thousands of singers across the country. I strongly recommend that you check them out!