Click on Classical: Blissfully melancholy Christmas, best film scores of 2014, and music for silents

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Every Monday morning at 9:15, I join John Birge on Classical MPR to talk about stories we’re featuring on our website. Here are the stories we’ll be discussing today.

‚ÄčNot all holiday music is joyful — and cellist Edward Kelsey Moore is just fine with that, he writes in an essay titled “I’ll have a blue Christmas, thank you very much.”

What were the best film scores of 2014? Garrett Tiedemann lists his top ten, including a superhero movie, a period drama, and at least one you may not even have heard of.

Of course, in the silent era, film scores were performed live — and sometimes, they still are. Garrett highlights five local groups who are rediscovering the lost art of playing live music to accompany silent movies.