Norwegian choir goes viral with farm video

Group photo of Pikekoret IVAR
Pikekoret IVAR (courtesy the artists)
After publishing a video as part of an online debate about the future of agriculture in Norway, a choir called Pikekoret IVAR have found themselves Internet sensations, BBC Trending has reported.

Composed of university women, Pikeoret IVAR is known for its lively performances and its use of floral themes in its costuming and concerts. Here is an example of a choral performance by Pikekoret IVAR:

But as Norway is embroiled in a political debate over pending legislation that may affect farm subsidies and the ownership of farmland, Pikekoret IVAR created a song and video in which they do dance routines with shovels and rakes in hand while singing: “Several generations have looked after the farm, but government reforms destroy the norms. Could we have a new government in this country, please?”

The video has been viewed more than 260,000 times since its publication on March 27. The treatment is much more in line with pop music than with traditional choral songs, but it’s indicative of the group’s creativity:

A look at its YouTube channel shows that this group is unafraid to push boundaries (and for those who speak Norwegian — I don’t — there is obviously much more to be appreciated in the lyrics).

Those who speak Norwegian can learn more about Pikekoret IVAR on its website, and music appreciators of all linguistic backgrounds will likely enjoy the group’s choral treatment, in Norwegian, of “Dream a Little Dream”:

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