Hilary Hahn’s violin case hears ‘graphic coughing’ in St. Paul

Hilary Hahn violin

One of the most popular Twitter accounts in classical music is that ostensibly run by Hilary Hahn’s violin case. After Hahn’s recital last Wednesday at the Ordway, WQXR noticed, her instrument insulation shared some candid comments about what seems to have been an unusual amount of hacking from the crowd.

Despite largely supportive responses, the case then clarified that “Hilary didn’t mind the coughing” and issued a self-deprecating response to a fan who asked why.

In the end, all feathers were smoothed, and the case—so to speak—was closed.

Hilary Hahn will co-host Performance Today on May 7, sharing some of her favorite recordings.

Publicity photo by Michael Patrick O’Leary

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