Click on Classical: Video game music, Mahler on Earth Day, and graphic coughing at the Ordway

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Every Monday morning at 9:15, I join John Birge on Classical MPR to talk about stories we’re featuring on our website. Here are the stories we’ll be discussing today.

In Emily Reese’s Top Score podcast, you can learn every week about the dynamic world of video game music. Last week, Garrett Tiedemann interviewed composer Paul Leonard-Morgan, who gave a fascinating look at how musical tension is built in an interactive environment.
We celebrated Earth Day last week, and in honor of the day, Taylor Brorby wrote about Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde, his “Song of the Earth.” Mahler’s masterpiece, writes Brorby, “bears witness to the complexity of the world, of how art can inspire new ideas, new changes of mind in our collective imagination.”
Acclaimed violinist Hilary Hahn recently performed at the Ordway in St. Paul, and afterwards her violin case tweeted about hearing some “graphic coughing” in the audience​. Yikes!

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