Photos: Rehearsing with Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil

Teatro Nacional de Cuba, the venue for the historic concerts.

Part of the Minnesota Orchestra’s goal in coming to Cuba was to participate in a couple of musical cultural exchanges. On Thursday, the orchestra went to “Music City” to work with high school and college-age musicians. On Friday, the musicians returned to Teatro Nacional de Cuba — the scene of last night’s rehearsal — and the venue for this weekend’s broadcasts. This time, they were rehearsing side-by-side with Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil del Conservatorio Amadeo Rold​án, a Cuban youth symphony.

Kate Nettleman is a string bass player with the orchestra. She says her Spanish isn’t strong, but there are times in Havana when that doesn’t matter.

“When we sit together and play music sharing a stand with these students, there’s tremendous communcation. And there’s so much that’s shared in common that we undertsand without having to say a word and that’s what music is – is a language that everyone can connect through.”

The Minnesota Orchestra will return to the same stage tonight for the first of two concerts from the Teatro Nacional in Havana. Listen live at 7 p.m. CDT both nights.

A flutist from the Cuban National Symphony and Wendy Williams of the Minnesota Orchestra

Cuban National Youth Orchestra

Osmo shares notes with Minnesota Orchestra

Combined orchestras

Oboist from the National Cuban Youth Symphony

Osmo's back!

Global language - Bass

Osmo Vänskä

David Williamson from the Minnesota Orchestra

Rehearsing with the Cuban National Youth Symphony

Kevin Watkins from Minnesota Orchestra compares tambourine notes

Teatro Nacional de Cuba, the venue for the historic concerts.

Cellist Anthony Ross and the Cuban National Youth Symphony

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