Pianist tries Kickstarter to fund planned album on Leonardo Da Vinci instrument

Slawomir Zubryzcki, viola organista
Slawomir Zubryzcki, builder of Leonardo da Vinci’s viola organista

It’s quite an accomplishment to build the instrument Leonardo da Vinci envisaged but never realized. Now Sławomir Zubrzycki is taking it a step further. The Polish pianist and the builder of Leonardo’s viola organista plans to record an album of music performed on the instrument.

Zubrzycki has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the album, and with a bit less than a day to go, he’s getting close to his goal (Update, Thursday, Aug. 20, 5:30 a.m. CDT: Zubrycki has met his Kickstarter goal).

The Kickstarter page features additional video of the viola organista in performance (the one we posted proved quite popular with our audience).

And like any Kickstarter campaign, Zubrzycki offers incentives for potential backers, including a generous offer for the most generous donors: A house concert performed by Zubrzycki on Leonardo’s instruement. Zubrzycki has qualified, however, the recipient(s) of the house concert must live in Europe. He’s not planning to transport the viola organista overseas … at least, not yet.

We’re not sure if a concert, an album and a tour were among Leonardo da Vinci’s original visions for the viola organista, but it’s unlikely the feverishly inventive polymath would have disapproved.

You can view the original post of Zubrzycki performing on the viola organista here, and his Kickstarter progress can be tracked on that site.

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