A ‘mobile opera’ takes over Los Angeles

A car scene from Hopscotch (Vimeo screengrab)
A car scene from Hopscotch (Vimeo screengrab)

A Los Angeles-based opera company called The Industry has been in operation for only a few years, but they’re already making waves for their interactive and immersive productions. And their latest undertaking —Hopscotch — is certainly no exception.

It is being billed as ‘a mobile opera in 24 cars’, and involves over 100 different singers, musicians, dancer, and actors. A ticket gets you on one of the three performance routes, each with eight stops where 10-minute scenes are performed.

In a promotional video for the production, Yuval Sharon — Artistic Director for The Industry — explains:

“You’re invited into a car not knowing the destination. The car starts moving, and suddenly you’re drawn into the story with singers and musicians that are in the car with you. As they drive through the city, activity will be happening all around you.

“So at the end of that 10 minutes, you get out of that car, where another car is waiting for you. You get into that car and the next leg of the story continues. And it goes on, and on, and on, throughout the entire city.”

For audience members who would rather not experience the work through a car ride, there will also be a ‘Central Hub’ where spectators go to experience all 24 journeys via a live video stream.

Hopscotch runs on weekends through Nov. 22nd, with scenes happening all over the city of Los Angeles. Listen to NPR’s Michelle Lanz describe her experience with the opera, and see a teaser for the production below.

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