Hear ‘Smooth Criminal’ on street organ

An encoded score of 'Smooth Criminal', being fed through a street organ (YouTube screengrab)
An encoded score of ‘Smooth Criminal’, being fed through a street organ (YouTube screengrab)

Perhaps no other pop tune has been covered more often, and more creatively, than Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” It seems that every month or so, we discover some new way that the song has been arranged (for example, check out our recent post on a cover of the same tune from a traditional Japanese ensemble).

Not to be outdone, French musician Patrick Mathis has created an arrangement for street (or barrel) organ — an instrument that uses pipes and bellows to create the sound. The notes come from coded paper fed through the machine, which is typically activated by the performer turning a crank.

Check out Mathis in action via the video below.

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