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Taking Scriabin apart… and putting him back together again

Charlie McCarron (Jason P. Schumacher)
Charlie McCarron (Jason P. Schumacher)

Since early 2013, Minnesota composer/producer Charlie McCarron has been producing a weekly podcast called “Composer Quest” which centers around composers and songwriters speaking about their work. Every two months, he challenges composers around the world to complete unique, often challenging (but always fun) composing “quests,” resulting in nearly 200 new compositions.

Over the past year, quests have included composing spooky music for Halloween, string quartet music inspired by autumn, and a challenge to write music for four-hands piano in honor of “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th be with you).

For his most recent quest, he invited composers to record one measure of Scriabin’s Prelude in A Minor, Op. 11, No.2. Charlie then gathered all the recordings and stitched them together to form a “sound quilt” of sorts. You can hear the final result below — 68 uniquely-produced measures, in which you’ll hear brass, synthesizers, strings, wine glasses, accordion, guitars, and much more.